Friday, September 3, 2010

Inexpensive Fall Design Tips Begin with Color

The very best and least expensive way to change your home's look from Summer to Fall is your simple use of color. Just as you change the colors in your wardrobe you can easily add a splash of brown, gold, greens and orange to your home by adding different throw pillows to your sofa or fall napkins and placemats on your table. 

 Candle scents from fresh flowers of Summer to spices and smells of the Thanksgiving season and Christmas can be refreshing and a welcome change from hot temperatures and your Summer routine.  Your special pieces collected over the years can be used sparingly and differently from the year before which will give you the feeling of owning something new.  

 Remember that Less is More and that simply using your favorites in a different way or in a different area of your home is like having a brand new piece, without spending any money.  Add creativity to your family tradition by making simple changes to update  your look for the new season.

  Although Fall is the beginning of the last quarter of the year it is also the beginning of the most festive and family centered time of the year!  It only takes a little time and thought to assure that all who enter your home feel the excitement of the new Fall season ! 

"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile."

For more about the feelings of Fall read my friend Brandi's post from last fall called Fall Fever.

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